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History Of Canaan

Evolution of Canaan:From The Past(1998) As Canaan Evangelistic Organisation And
Now As Canaan Church

Canaan Ministries was founded by Dr.Manoj Samuel in 1998 while he was twenty one years.
After his MBA (University of Licolnshire and Humberside, UK), he was with the corporate sector holding a responsible position with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical exporter from 1999 to 2004 after which he resigned and stepped into full time
ministry heeding to God’s call.

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Canaan Church


Ps.Manoj has been widely ministering in the villages in Tamil Nadu and AndhraPradesh. As a family, our parents and kids have travelled with great enthusiasm in vans and cars to even the most remote villages, wherein we staged skits, taught them songs, fed them with word of God and also fed them with a good meal for their lunch. Doctors and medical students, nurses belonging to our fellowship have been lending us a helping hand in conducting medical camps and distribution of medicines to the needy and the sick in these villages.


During Christmas eve, we usually visit orphanages and old age homes with the intention of spreading cheer, goodwill and support that we can muster as a congregation. Children receive gifts bought and packed with much care and love. Gifts are distributed by all the members of the church in no specific order and everyone gets to experience the joy of sharing and giving. Same way we visit old age homes spending time with the old and the languishing giving them the hope of eternity through Christ. Individual prayers are also made by the pastor for the sick and the ailing. We have a special burden for the old as they are nearing death and it would be a disaster if they cannot enter into heaven. So we aspire to draw them to the door of eternity through the hope of salvation and surrender to the saviour who alone can redeem them. Oasis home, Govt school for the blind Poonamalee, Home for the aged run by the trust @ Chennai, Home for the HIV infected are some of the venues of our ministry.

Pastor Manoj& Monica mostly do the Hospital ministry all by themselves or sometimes along with few volunteers visiting the suffering and the sick. They pray sincerely for deliverance and healing and we have mighty testimonies where God has healed dreadful cancers, dengue fevers and other miserable health conditions. God has revived people from Coma and critical care condition You can read few of the testimonies to encourage your faith in divine healing and the power of Jehovah Ropheka.


In the nearby Thomas Road where the labourers and daily wage earners reside, we place open invitation to the kids and teens and even the young mothers to come to our church and join us in useful sessions specially conceived and designed for them. We teach the kids about the love of Jesus through songs ,verses and stories. Then we teach them how to interact in English and give them stage exposure. They are also engaged in personality & skill development activities. Mothers are also made to participate in recreational events and individual prayer and counselling sessions are held for them.

This has been a very fulfilling ministry as we see immediate results and the beneficiaries are indeed enamoured of the whole idea and there is acceptance instead of resistance. These monthly events culminate with snack time and gifts are also distributed. These kids performed in Canaan church with gusto and are expected to occupy centre stage more often in the future during our weekly services thus slowly inducting them into the discipline of Sunday school and attending church services.


Whenever a call comes for prayer, sometimes they turn out to be distress calls and we always do pray pouring our hearts out that God should perform a miracle and deliver the person be it a Christian or not. Then we tell them about seeking the lord with their whole heart and do put them on to follow ups. During the initial days when we had our tv programme in the ss music channel,we used to pray with burden for the continuous stream of callers and the calls used to spill over the entire week. Many have received miracles and been greatly challenged and edified by the prophecies that poured forth even through the phone lines.


Youth convention/ campaigns, church conventions & retreats: Pastor Manoj right from the time of being an evangelist has been a dynamic champion of hope to the youth segment, as they are the most susceptible to the schemes of the enemy. Pastor Manoj used to take a big bunch of young men along with him to all the youth conventions and campaigns, using each and every one of them however insignificant their talent could be just to encourage them and make them realize their potential. Many youngsters have been groomed through Canaan ministry and have branched out to establish themselves in the field of Christian ministry as singers, worship leaders, preachers and prophets.

A constant supply of invitations from the mainline churches (C.S.I/E.C.I/AG) & many independent churches for 3 day conventions and retreat sessions for youth, families and church congregation kept our Pastor always busy in the Lord’s vineyard.

While he was a part time minister his weekend schedule was quite hectic. He has travelled to almost all the districts (kanyakumari, Madurai,thiruvannamalai,Coimbatore,kancheepuram, tiruchy,vellore,ambur, tirupttur, dharmapuri., darapuram, kovilpatti, Kalayarkoil (Father Berchman’s Yesu Nammodu church)and many hill stations in Tamil Nadu(ooty,kodai,valparai,etc) . Munnar in the state of Kerala has been a recurrent destination where pastor Manoj has reached out to the church crowd as well as the plantation workers in the estate.


Pastor Manoj has frequented many corporate prayer fellowship gatherings and lunch hour prayer fellowships in various leading IT sector offices premises and BPO based company extended meets. This ministry occupies a special place in his heart as he himself was a corporate professional who stepped in to part time ministry and within a span of just a few years became a full time minister and thereby he understands the urge and desire of many young professionals who seek to serve God in some way or the other. He gives them the right counsel based on the Bible and encourages them to be led by the prompting of the Holy spirit and not just the fleshly zeal. GOD has indeed plucked out his chosen handful from their worldly jobs and recruited them for Himself in the extension of His kingdom as full time labourers. But many are expected to stand and shine for Jesus where they are placed as they have a direct and continuous access to lead many untouched and unreached souls into the love of Christ through their testimonies and invitations to gospel meetings and services .


Pastor Manoj , family & team have been visiting many schools and colleges during annual days, Christmas celebrations, inaugural days and exam prayers. Pastor Manoj has been invited as the chief guest in many leading schools of Chennai to deliver the keynote address and he has always used those opportunities to share the goodness of salvation through Christ and the cross.

Apart from the city schools we have also laboured in village schools and schools @ ooty and Kodai.

Ps.Manoj has been invited as the guest speaker in many colleges in Tamil Nadu including the very college from which he graduated (MCC).

He has had the privilege of meeting medicos, techies and other graduates during their course period in different settings , mostly during their Christmas celebrations wherein everybody gather in a joyous mood and are gently introduced to the good tidings and the reason behind the birth of the Messiah. Few curious and few needy souls have followed it up and accepted Christ as their saviour and may be during the course of their lives they would one day lead their families to Christ. That’s our wish and desire whenever we step into colleges and technical Institutes.


Manoj Samuel’s penchant for reaching masses through the media led him to run a gospel program on a secular channel like SS Music .Pastor Manoj has been a tv speaker for a very long time. He started with the program “time of comfort” on a secular channel (SS music), on a weekly basis.(2000 -2008) His messages were precise and powerful. Prophetical words and prayers brought in many testimonies. His messages were aired in Holy God Channel that has viewership all over Europe and middle east. His messages are also telecast now in Holy Cross channel Pondy . Until recently, he was hosting CBN's 'Tiruppumunai' for which he won The Best Host of the Year 2009-2010 from Galilean Awards - The Bi- annual Excellence in Christian Media Awards.

Pastor manoj has been called to deliver God’s word on the premium Channel ,Vijay Tv’s annual Christmas program for the past 4 yrs consecutively (till 2013). As a family they shared the meaning of Christmas and presented carols even on Kalaignar tv couple of times. As a couple Ps.Manoj Samuel and sis.Monica Manoj were the anchors and resource persons for “breakfast show” in Nambikkai Tv (good news) during the early phase of 2016. Due to church commitments and prayer fellowships the couple could not adjust to the time slot requirements and hence discontinued. Now the you tube channel “canaan city of refuge” carries the word and worship and is ministering to thousands of needy and word thirsty souls.