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Sunday School Ministry

Sunday School Ministry

Canaan Sunday school , is conducted during every Sunday service. Dedicated volunteers are committed to the task. We follow Canaan’s indigenously compiled syllabus for Sunday school. It is comprehensive of al l the significant characters and incidents in the Bible. Toddlers, beginners and juniors are classified into different groups and memory verses are taught every week. Activity sessions are held, wherein children are engaged in creative craft work. Kid’s worship songs are also taught and the kids are made to praise God, before the congregation every week. Annually , an evaluation is done at the end of every year, based on bible tests and memory recitations. Children are groomed to shine with their God given talents from their tender age, so that they also shine in their respective schools.

Do come with your children to Canaan and they will never be the same again. They are sure to bloom and blossom with confidence and strength, a sure foundation based on the Bible and Godly principles. Canaan church is predominantly infested with lot of little ones, as it is a growing church and God has blessed our Canaan couples with the fruit of the womb, that keeps the family boundaries expanding every year.

Team in-charge:

Sis.Nivetha Santosh- Sunday school superintendent


Jessica Samuel

The study material of KING JEHOSHAPHAT